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Premium game application template with endless mode


Premium game application template


This is a basic blank template with no content. All pages are blank with no content. First page has menu items. Choose another template to select a started app with more initial content.


Premium blank application template for making Windows apps with 3 easy steps. For more information watch our video tutorial at Appsmoment Youtube channel


Blank iPad application template. Make use of the full size iPad screen 768x1024


Blank application template based on tab bars. Default 4 tabs, but more can be added. You can always add any page type later, customize settings and modify app design later.

4TabApp Blank

Blank 4 Tabs. No back button. No page transitions. All links open in same tab. Tab Bar is always visible.


Create an app from your mobile website. This blank template has no tab bars and no back buttons. Create your own tab bars and back button in HTML.